Learning how to learn

Since the aim of this course is to help me learn about ICTs and pedagogy it is important to have the necessary tools. Throughout this course it is said we will be expected to use Personal Knowledge Management (PKM); Reflection and Theories, frameworks and literature… Overwhelmed yet?? I think so.

What is PKM you ask? How will it be used? Um…. next question


According to Harold Jarche PKM is a process and the way we make sense of the noise around us. We process information in various ways, separating the helpful from the disposable. In order to process this information we might write about it as I am doing here, talk to other people about it or simply think about it. From this synthesis process, we begin to create and form our own ideas about the information we received. Read more… 


According to Ullmann et al (2012, there are five elements to reflection. There five elements are the skeleton or framework on the blogs we should be writing (Have I been doing this?)

  1. Description of an experience
  2. Personal experience
  3. Critical analysis
  4. Taking perspectives into account
  5. An outcome of reflection 


What theories will I be using throughout this course to assist in the understanding and justification of what I think and do? Which theories will provide me with the best knowledge for implementing and evaluating my use of ICTs in the classroom? Read more…


A PLN is a Personal Learning Network is the entire collection of people with whom you engage and exchange information. A PLN can assist in professional development, easy way to locate resources, find collaborative solutions and share your ideas with your peers. Read more…

I would love to write more… but it looks like it is time for me to go and make a plan on how I can implement PKM and PLN.


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